Al Pisano. Co-owner Country Carver Inc and Accent Your Home

Al Pisano, a dimensional artist originally from New York City, graduated from the School of Industrial Design in New York City and attended Pratt Institute of Art. Al had a 30 year career in New York City as a commercial artist creating and design artwork for advertising agencies, publishing companies, and many corporations. He is a member of the Society of Illustrators in New York.

Al has developed a specialty over the years of creating dimensional artwork through carving or sculpting. He works in wood, plaster, clay, and even leather and paper. He has won numerous awards for his work.

In 1991, Al started a new venture. With his partner, he started a business selling his artwork to the gift and home design industry. His versatility and creativeness in this industry is tremendous. He creates wood carvings for the Lodge market, carvings with nautical themes, beautiful Italian plaques created in plaster and clay, and works of art with Inspirational themes.

He creates his artwork in his studio in Miami, Florida. All of the art he creates is done the old-fashioned way—by hand! He starts by drawing the design and transferring the drawing onto wood, clay or plaster. Then he carves or sculpts the design using knives, chisels, and a mallet.

Nearby is his factory that then molds his art using very high quality silicone rubber. These molds pick up every nuance that Al created in the original art. Reproductions are then cast. Everything is hand painted and finished under his supervision. As a result, the artwork created by him and reproduced at his factory is unique, special and American made!