Country Carver is owned by Kay Coulter and Al Pisano, a husband Ėwife team that started Country Carver in 1988 from their apartment in New York City.

Our first products were wood carvings that Al created and we sold to country-themed catalogs. At that time we were manufacturing our products in Miami and Haiti. After the embargo was imposed on Haiti in 1991 we moved the manufacturing-- our ourselves-- to Miami.

Producing our own products in our own manufacturing facility has proved to be essential to the success of our business. Al can constantly monitor the quality of the reproductions and we can very quickly create and produce samples of new concepts we have. We love having that ability to create! It is the fun part of our business!!

We employ many artisans that are skilled hand painters. Each piece is handcast from Alís original artwork. We use very durable raw materials so our artwork can hand indoors or outdoors.

We started personalizing many of our pieces a couple years ago and it is very popular. To personalize an item, Al creates an area where a name or address can be carved into the piece. We then create a pattern and actually carve into the artwork. It makes a very unique gift or home accent that will be enjoyed for years! .

For retail stores orders, the minimum order is $100. First time orders are credit card only. Our freight ranges from 10% to 15% (20% for mirrors and furniture). It takes about 2 weeks to make and ship your order.

We are located at 7240 NE 4th Court in Miami FL. You can contact us at 800.766.5051 or email us at:

Thank you for your interest in our products.